The millimeter-wave antenna analyzer allows users without antenna-measurement knowledge to characterize their system over-the-air.

ANTENNEX will demonstrate a prototype of their newest system, the millimeter-wave antenna analyzer (MAAX), at the International Microwave Symposium 2023 tradeshow in San Diego, at booth 2154. The MAAX is an easy-to-use tabletop solution to measure autonomous emitters and receivers (bits in, waves out). The system has integrated instrumentation for automatic calibration, and can be operated in ‘high-precision’ and ‘fast’ mode.

In next-generation antenna systems operating at millimeter-wave frequencies, RFICs and antennas are often integrated. RFICs are often measured conductively, but need to be measured over-the-air when combined with antennas in phased-array antenna systems, because the antenna influences the system characteristics. Additionally, packaging or the presence of a radome can cause additional losses or reflections that can act as loading to the amplifiers and reducing their performance.

The MAAX acts as a ‘wireless connector’ – meaning that metrics that were conventionally measured conductively can now be measured over-the-air. The current version can measure all metrics related to total radiated power (e.g. P1dB, intermodulation products, harmonics, spurious emissions). It can also be used to evaluate the variations between individual paths. Demos or meetings during the tradeshow can be requested here.

ANTENNEX will soon be releasing several extensions to measure other integrated-antenna system metrics such as noise figure. Make sure to visit the presentation `Simplified Over-the-Air Noise Figure Measurement Method for Reduced Uncertainty’ Thursday June 15th at 8AM, Th1F-1.