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Reverberation Chamber

Our novel mm-wave reverberation chamber allows for rapid, accurate, and flexible testing of antenna efficiency. We currently provide measurement services in the 20-140 GHz band of connectorized antennas that are standalone or in package. Soon available for purchase.

Anechoic Chamber

Complete stand-alone moveable compact anechoic chamber.

Dielectric Characterization System

The ideal tool to accurately measure dielectric properties of materials. With specially designed mirrors to achieve the highest possible Q-factor in each frequency range, accurate measurements are ensured. The Fabry-Perot open-cavity resonator is available for purchase or as a measurement service including all required facilities.

About Us

AntenneX supports your design of a wireless device by quantifying and interpreting the over-the-air performance. We believe in the application of accurate measurement techniques in every design and production phase by finding key challenges so that better assessments can be made to improve overall performance of the wireless device.

Utilizing our combined 60-year experience in antennas and their metrology, we make our millimeter-wave antenna characterization system available to our customers. This system is unique in its capabilities to obtain radiation patterns, axial ratio, reflection coefficients, and antenna efficiencies of any type of millimeter-wave antenna in unprecedented quality and accuracy – no matter the interface. To facilitate efficient usage of the system, preparation of the device under test and interpretation of the results, we will offer a hands-on training focusing on (sub-) millimeter-wave systems, e.g. for car radar and 5G and beyond.


AntenneX can also provide measurement services of your device using our in-house developed systems. Contact us now to request more information and/or a quotation!

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