6G Future Network Services Consortium

ANTENNEX supports the partners in the 6G FNS consortium by providing accurate high-frequency antenna measurements

The 6G Future Network Services (6G FNS) consortium, a €310M ($340M) initiative led by the Dutch research institute TNO, comprises 60 partners from the telecom and semiconductor industries. The project, commencing on January 1, 2024, and extending through 2028, focuses on four program lines. These program lines aim to develop efficient high-frequency hardware components and enhance networks, applications, and the overall ecosystem. By bridging hardware and software development, the consortium seeks to elevate network quality.

All 6G FNS partners

Among the partners, ANTENNEX plays a crucial role in testing and measuring highly integrated antenna systems developed within the consortium. The complexity of these systems necessitates innovative over-the-air measurement methods to assess metrics like power-added efficiency, noise figure, and ACLR. At the kick-off event on October 16th, ANTENNEX presented its product The Wireless Connector, which addresses the complex testing requirements of the systems developed within the consortium.

The event, captured in the video, offers insights into ANTENNEX’s presentation and the consortium’s collaborative efforts. Watch to discover more and stay tuned for updates on the 6G FNS consortium’s progress in shaping the future of network services.