Measurement Services

As wireless communications become virtually omnipresent and frequencies increase, it becomes ever more challenging to find and execute the right way to measure. AntenneX offers in-house antenna and materials measurements, ranging from the 250 MHz range all the way up to 140 GHz, covering all systems up to and including 5G and 6G communications. Next to communications this includes car radar, Internet-of-Things and remote sensing. We do not stop there: we will always assist you in the process to come up with the best solution for your challenge.

We support you with…

• Wireless communications
• Car radar
• 5G
• 5G+
• Internet-of-Things
• Medical imaging
• Remote sensing
• Custom solutions

Anechoic measurements

Antenna measurements (connectorized probed antennas) between 400 MHz and 140 GHz:
• Input impedance
• Radiation pattern
• Antenna gain
• Polarization parameters

Efficiency measurements

Antenna efficiency measurements between 250 MHz and 40 GHz:
• Radiation efficiency
• Total efficiency
• Input impedance
• Absorption cross section