Millimeter-Wave Anechoic Chamber

Features and measurement capabilities

• The anechoic chamber supports both
connectorized and probed antenna
• Due to the high-performance absorbers,
free-space conditions are mimicked,
enabling accurate input impedance,
antenna gain and radiation pattern
• The system supports the antenna to be
measured from 0 to 120 degrees in
elevation (theta) and from 0 to 360
degrees in azimuth (phi)
• The measurement antenna can be rotated
such that the radiation pattern can be
measured for any polarization
• The distance from the measurement
antenna to the antenna under test (AUT)
can be automatically controlled. This
allows the usage of a novel gain
measurement technique that enables
accurate antenna gain measurements
• A translation table inside the anechoic
chamber facilitates planar near-field

Included tools

• Computer with software to control motors
and to control a VNA
• Portable docking station for VNA
• Cabinet and drawers for storage of
• One reference antenna and waveguide set
• Probe station


• Reference antenna
• Frequency extenders
• Planar and spherical near-field to far-field
transformation software
• Calibration kits
• Antenna and waveguide sets for other